Food and Meal Ideas for Easy, Gluten Free Camping!

Our home away from home!

Our home away from home!


I’ve recently returned from a 4 week roadtrip to Cape York, the most northerly tip of Australia, if you haven’t been you must go – it’s amazing! The photo above was taken on the Old Telegraph Track a couple of days away from Cape York. And yes – that car was literally a home away from home (bed in the back – need I say more?!).



The route we took was pretty remote so we camped. A lot! Camping is one of those pastimes that I have been encouraged to enjoy due to my boyfriend’s intense love of being at one with the great outdoors and I have to admit that most of the time (i.e. when it’s not cold or raining) it is something that I now love to do. There’s just something so refreshing and cleansing about getting out of the city….we all need a bit of a get away now and then don’t we?



Usually (before my gluten free reincarnation) the camping menu would involve a lot of bread (bacon and egg rolls, sandwiches) and pasta (pesto, spag bol), because it’s just easy, it fills you up and it’s cheap. So, as this was my first extended camping trip since I had cut out gluten, I was a bit worried about how easy – or not – it would be to maintain my gluten free status. I was pleasantly surprised to find that with a little bit of thought it was actually pretty easy – and delicious!



Here’s how I did it.



The Snack Box:

This is my favourite new development in our roadtrip / camping repertoire! Just keeping a well stocked and easily accessible box of munchable snacks whilst on the road really improved the whole roadtrip experience and it’s a great way to guard against getting the “hangries”! The in-car snack box seems like such a simple concept I think I may have been the last one to catch on?! Anyway, in case I’m not the last one, here’s what was included in our snack box:


  • Boiled eggs
  • Bananas
  • Nuts
  • Rice crackers
  • Nut butter
  • Falafels
  • Hummus
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Bag of spinach
  • Apples
  • Mandarins
  • Powdered greens


We wouldn’t have all these things in the snack box at one time, we also had a fridge and food storage boxes  in the car so we’d just keep enough food for 1 days driving in the box and keep the rest in the fridge. The powdered greens (I use Shakti’s Superfood Blend) I kept in my bag to add to water in the morning.




This is usually my lightest meal because it takes a while for my digestive system to wake up! So I’d start with something that I’ve listed below, and then grab extras from the snack box if I got hungry:


  • Yoghurt with chia seeds, banana and nuts
  • Rice crackers  with nut butter and banana / hummus and spinach / boiled egg and spinach
  • Fried egg and bacon with spinach and mushrooms




This would often be from the snack box we kept in the car, so depending on how hungry I was it might be similar to breakfast, leftovers from dinner or something like the following:


  • Hummus with falafels cucumber and tomatoes
  • Cheese and salad
  • Roasted veg (leftover from dinner) frittata
  • Leftover roasted meat and veg with salad




We would normally be camped up somewhere lovely by mid afternooon, which meant we would have enough time to cook something equally lovely for dinner!


When we’re camping dinner is our biggest meal. We eat earlier than usual, at about 5pm, which still gives us a few hours to relax and digest before bed. If you prefer to have your biggest meal earlier in the day you can just swap meal ideas around to suit you.


Camp Kitchen!

Camp Kitchen!


  • Steaks with roasted sweet potatoes and vegetables
  • Meat and veg stew with quinoa or sweet potato
  • Roast lamb with tzatziki and roast sweet potatoes
  • Bolognaise with rice noodles
  • Chilli (made with left over bolognaise) with quinoa


Between us all, we had a Weber BBQ a standard BBQ and a couple of gas stoves, which was pretty much all we needed.


Bearing in mind that we were limited to how much food we could carry and what was available in the towns that we visited, I’m pretty happy with what we managed to come up with and how easy it was to stick to gluten free ingredients. Most importantly our meals were tasty, healthy, cheap and easy!


If you have any other food related camping tips please share in the comments section :) xx


Auto-immune Protocol Diet – Here I Come!


Stepping into the Unknown! Jas Poole Photos

Stepping into the Unknown! Jas Poole Photos


As some of you may know, I’ve had a pretty busy 7 weeks! Not that I’m complaining, I’ve had a fabulous time, but as I’ve been travelling around, having fun and not spending more than 2 nights together in one spot, I haven’t been looking after my health as well as I usually do!


So what have I been doing whilst having a great time with friends and family?

  • Drinking lots of alcohol
  • Eating lots of dairy
  • Eating lots of chocolate (what can I say, English chocolate is just better than Australian chocolate – don’t hate me!)
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pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup


Orange is just such an Autumnal colour isn’t it?! It’s the colour of the leaves on the trees and covering the pavements, of oranges and mandarins and clementines that really come into their own during the colder months…..and of course fat juicy pumpkins!!!! It’s such a warm, nourishing and delicious colour that when you eat something like a steaming bowl of thick pumpkin soup you feel like you’re being hugged from the inside!



This might sound strange for someone so passionate about pumpkin – but I only made pumpkin soup for the first time last week. Yes, I know, what have I been doing with my life??!! So if you are like I was before last week, a pumpkin soup virgin, then I urge you screw up your courage, buy a pumpkin and follow the very simple instructions below. You’ll be so happy you did! Continue Reading

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Student Life - Jas Poole Photos

Student Life – Jas Poole Photos


Ok, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic?! Let’s call it, what not to do during exam time (especially if you are studying nutrition and should know better!).



Last week was the end of quite an intense few weeks of assignments and exams. I’ve loved everything I’ve learnt this semester and I look forward to putting it all into practice, but I do think I could have looked after myself a bit better during this time – and I’m sure there’s a few of us in the same boat! I guess I’m quite competitive when it comes to study – mainly against myself, if that makes sense?! I have a need to do as much as I can to prepare for assignments, exams, whatever, so I know I’ve done the best I can. That way even if I fail I know there’s nothing more I could have done. Apparently, many Hashi’s kids are “type A” personalities, with a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve perfection. I wouldn’t exactly call myself type A, but I think it’s important to give whatever I do everything I’ve got. Continue Reading

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Sunbathing Mushrooms

Sunbathing Mushrooms


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Lovely Legumes

Lovely legumes at Alfalfa House, Enmore, Sydney


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Jump On Board the Kombucha Train – It’s Easy!

Black tea kombucha brewing...looking like a mini Lawrence of Arabia don't you think?!

Black tea kombucha brewing…looking like a mini Lawrence of Arabia don’t you think?!



Bacteria….never really thought it would be my bag until I started investigating ways to improve my ways to improve my health, post Hashi’s diagnosis. Then I started coming across lots of info about fermenting drinks and food and how it can be hugely beneficial to our health (Chris Kresser is very informative on this subject). And my mind started opening up to the possibilities….



I believe there is still a lot of scientific research to do when it comes to the inner world of the intestine and the affect of gut flora on our health, but there is also a lot of scientific research out there that points to benefits of adding fermented foods to our diet – I found this review published by The Lancet very interesting. Continue Reading

Health is Wealth, Baby…Part 2 – Becoming a Hashi’s Kid

My favourite fruit and veg stall at Marrickville Markets :)

My favourite fruit and veg stall at Marrickville Markets :)



First things first! I guess I need to highlight that these things are what worked for me – I can’t promise they will work for you, but I think they might be worth trying. I also hope you tell me about things that work for you that I haven’t tried yet. I like to think of all this as a rather exciting journey – and there is a lot to learn!



So, after my diagnosis I got home and googled ‘Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis’ with trepidation. What came up was a lot of science-y or government websites….not very pretty, not very positive, and not at all helpful when it came to suggestions about what – other than a lifetime of medication – might help my situation. And, I’ll be honest, I was pretty bloody scared. I was (am!) a young woman, I liked having fun more than anything else, and this didn’t seem like stuff that should be happening to me. It certainly didn’t sound like fun. Why had I never heard of this disease before? None of the information I was finding “spoke” to me. I felt totally alone in this experience and I wasn’t finding any chinks of light in the darkness at all. Continue Reading

Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread (GF, DF, SF)


Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread with Yoghurt

Cinnamony Apple and Banana Bread with Yoghurt and Chopped Brazil Nuts



Mmmm…are you going to love this!


I’ve been seeing a lot of hot cross buns around the place, of course, Easter is on its way! And I loooove hot cross buns…..I don’t think you understand, I really, really love hot cross buns. Really….. And although I rarely ate baked goods even before I stopped eating gluten, hot cross buns would be a yearly treat I would not feel bad about gorging myself on. Yes, gorge. I’d have maybe 4 a day, if there were some around, at work, at home, you know, wherever….It’s really lucky Easter is only once a year! Continue Reading

Oysters and Lemons, Oh My! 5 Reasons to Say Yes Please to Oysters


Oysters and Lemons

Oysters and Lemons

Oysters and lemons….(and a little bent fork!). Most people like oysters don’t they? We all know it’s a bit of an acquired taste and texture but one that we eventually grow to enjoy, no?



Well, if you don’t love them yet, maybe this info about what they can do for you will help. If you do love them, then hey, it’s bonus time! Continue Reading